NIMAT is a Muslim American singer-songwriter whose rich, bold and soul filled sound, is comprised of powerful lyrics and rhythms derived from the gracious Qur'an. 

In an era when Islam in America is being scrutinized and criticized more than ever, NIMAT’s music is refreshing and timely. “Singing and writing is my way of sharing with the world that the Qur'an is an everyday way of life, condoning peace and rejecting hate. Anything outside of that is, as I call it, “Hislam”.  As a Muslim African American, I am able to identify with both Islam and American culture. This allows me the ability to apply the Qur'an in American social life and write songs about it. Though Islam is a universal way of life, it should be understood that culture differs around the world. This explains why Muslim culture differs from country to country. I want my music to offer the world an opportunity to not only experience what is in the Qur'an, but how it applies to American everyday culture. With this idea I am hoping to create music that everyone can listen to, not just Muslims. As a strong Interfaith advocate, I hope to heal some of the wounds caused by ignorance in religion, says NIMAT."

NIMAT’s debut CD titled “Love Ayats” will be the first of its kind, a love album from the Muslim American experience, extracted from the meaning found within the gracious Qur’an. “I look to see where I can find the Qur’an in everyday relationships and write a song about it”. This unique combination of cleverly placed Qur'anic recitation, tastefully arranged with instrumentation and lyrics, along side NIMAT’s soulful voice, makes her music remarkable and refreshing. NIMAT’s writing style was inspired by her studies as a Qur’anic Arabic student at The Muslim American Logic Institute. “Learning to read the signs and parables found within the scripture through Qur’anic Arabic has granted me an ocean of content to use to write music”.


The results of her journey, combined with musical influences of artists such as Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and countless other American favorites, are the embodiment of the sound and songwriting of the musical phenomenon known as NIMAT. 



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Heaven and Earth

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MYNA MGT Showcase

Austin, TX


Annual Muslim Convention

Chicago, IL


Blues Alley

Special guest performance with Laron Young.


WUSA Channel 9

Live Television Performance and Interview on Good Day Washington.


Islamic Heritage Festival and Parade

Performance at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.


EID Festival 2017

Washington DC


M.A.L.I. 9th Annual Qur'anic Conference 2017

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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"Though Islam is a universal way of life, it should be obvious that culture differs around the world. As a born and raised Muslim American, my songs show how the Qur'an applies in everyday American social life."

True Soul Music 

Songs derived from the meaning found in the gracious Qur'an 


For a limited time only, download Heaven and Earth from Nimat's exciting new album:

The NEW album is HERE!