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Heaven & Earth Qur'anic Reflection and Commentary

Heaven and Earth

Reflection and Commentary on Qur’an 30:21 & 30:22


(30:21)And from his indications, divine works and direction, he originated companions for you from your own souls in order that you can have ease. He invented desire and mercy between you. Indeed in that are signs to men and women that practice and understand. (30:22) And from his indications, divine works and direction, he originated the celestial and the terrestrial bodies and your various forms of communication and your differences of every kind. In that are signs for men and women who practice and understand.


Everything in creation is meant to be used as guidance, instruction and direction for mankind. This includes the origin and the anatomy of the human being. The Qur’an describes that the human being was created from one single soul. In Arabic it is called the “nafsin wahidatin”. The Qur’anic Arabic grammar characterizes the soul as feminine in its nature. This means that its attributes include the ability to recreate and to provide nurturing support. This is seen in the relationship between the heart and the mind and body. The ability for the heart to send vitality to the brain and throughout the body is the sign of life itself within the human being. He then goes on to explain that out of this single entity, he created its counterpart and from “the two” he created numerous men and women. Based on this, I have derived that since the soul is characterized as feminine, its counterpart is masculine in its nature. In the Qur’an, masculinity is associated with preservation and maintenance. This is seen in the mind’s relationship to the heart and the body. The mind’s primary job is to contemplate the needs of the body and the heart in order to preserve and maintain them. In order to have one human person, both of theses components must exist simultaneously. This should be evident in the fact that both men and women are capable of recreating and thinking in order to preserve and maintain their existence. Somewhere in our history, masculinity and femininity became a concept of two opposites, causing discrimination and oppression throughout the world. Mankind’s ultimate challenge is to recognize how to recreate and think within the context of what his creator has intended for him. Out of God’s mercy for mankind’s limitations, he originated the sciences of anatomy and scripture in order to assist us in determining his context.

In the Qur’an, everything is created in pairs and is either of a masculine or feminine nature. This means that when two things come together, no matter what they are, they have no choice but to take on the characteristics of these attributes. To understand this is to understand that the masculine and feminine relationship is much bigger than what we can imagine. Though there are many examples in science to prove this understanding, two of the most evident are found in the creation of the heaven and earth. The heaven, like the mind, is a vast space of many dimensions, containing many forms of light and an infinite exploratory environment. The night and day, clouds, rain, thunder and lightening are all symbolic attributes of our process of reflecting or thinking. This intelligence allows the heaven the ability to preserve and maintain the earth. The earth in its ability to reproduce and nurture is the sign for re- creation in its essence. It carries the ability to create or produce over and over again and to nurture and develop life. These sciences provide clear evidence that the celestial and terrestrial bodies carry the same intelligence found in the male and female attributes and should be studied to expound on the potential of the human being. This understanding should make us seriously question current perceptions, including the idea that a man and a woman are opposite beings, that masculine or feminine characteristics only exist in one sex singularly, the roles and responsibilities of men and women, and what is considered masculine or feminine.

The creator of this fascinating reality has also granted us differences in our social attributes such as how we communicate, our skin tones, cultures, hair types and more. These differences exist in order that we compliment and benefit from each other. The clearest example of human potential is seen in the heaven and earth’s greatest product; a beautiful garden of plants, trees and flora of all kinds, producing low hanging fruit and receiving plenty of sunlight and rain. This represents our ultimate ability to live together successfully with all of our differences.

Heaven and Earth

Written by Nimat Bilal

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