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Quote from -The Dog In You - New YouTube Series.

Though we claim committed relationships do not require marriage these days, the truth is that the moment we dislike something, no matter how small, we weigh whether we should stay. The one foot in one foot out mindset is the minds way of protecting itself when we are not married. The idea that we can walk away because we haven’t invested anything besides sex and emotions makes it easier to give up and move to the next partner. Each time we do this we open ourselves up to more self inflicted emotional abuse which eventually effects our mental health; how we see our selves, how we see other people and our overall sense of well being. When we value ourselves enough to take the time to find the right partner without giving our bodies up for quick satisfactions, we protect our minds and our bodies from being taken advantage of. This preserves our character and makes us deserving of a better partner the next time.

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