"Under the clothing of religion, race, status and individualism we are one humanity, sharing the same
basic needs."   NIMAT


n. blessings, benefactor, favor

NIMAT is an incredible writer whose voice whether in written word, pubic speech, poetry or song,

tackles the issues that burden the soul.

While attending the M.A.L.I. Institute in her quest to seek higher knowledge in the social sciences, word origins and scripture, NIMAT has acquired an exceptional talent for deciphering metaphors and

pinning their relevance to human behavior and conditioning.

While her reflections and poetry envelop the reader with inspiration, her music reaches the heart, seducing listeners into wanting to become a better version of themselves. NIMAT's portfolio of music tells the story of an innocent soul, fighting to recognize its potential in order to hold on to its humanity.

“To be able to be honest about what we are and why we are here is the entire point”, explains NIMAT

when asked what matters the most in her writing.

Up and coming projects include her new song “So Free” and her first educational children’s book series!

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