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Word Is Born

The Red Reading

The Gold Exchange

a chest of pure gold
authentic, one of a kind
lies deep within
surrounded by bridges
crossed by merchants of water and words
I guard it striking the traveler whose
exchange is bad blood and whispers
the ill intended trader in close quarters
and the sweet talk of men chasing booty

A Mutual Consultation At Fajr

The first sign of light

The eclipse of night into day

The dark of Night calling me to stay prostrate in my bed

while the commencement of the Glorifying Sun calls me to Rise

The thread of my eyelid like a tear between the heaven and the earth

My mind and my heart still swimming in travel to reach one another

at the meeting place of the horizon with the rest of the morning assembly

The break of Dawn, The Birds and the Prayer Caller already present

A mutual consultation of five and a couple of note takers to the right and left

My mind opens the meeting with, “what time is the hour of standing”

And my heart interjects with, “Perhaps the hour is now”

The Sun moving higher in the sky to second that emotion with the creation rising in support

The Birds chirping loudly in their repetitive high language as if they’ve been working all morning, anticipating my tardiness

The caller to prayer and its beautiful melody, pushing my heart to respond before my discerning intellect

The former comfort of my warm blanket begins to sting

As the five of us, like fingers of a hand reach for the honey of “Good morning”

We enjoy the fresh morning manna and prepare the excess for charity as

We close out with salutations of Peace and the start of a Beautiful Day


Did he impress you baring water and seed

talking about how he wanted to grow together

how he wanted to rise every morning with the sun to enjoy the morning dew

fresh talk

did he excite you with ground breaking news

how he had everything you needed to blossom?

well I bore his fruit and now we have

a beautiful garden

so these luscious green leaves and

long brown legs

require lots of water

and though the weather has changed

and the sun shines on you

these cloudy days should bring me rain

until someone else comes along to water me

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