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UNDERNEATH (Rock Version)
"Under the clothing of religion, race, status and individualism we are one humanity, sharing the same
basic needs."   NIMAT
Reflections & Poetry
on the Animal
Characteristics of Mankind

Every member of creation is re-presented in man.
-Warith Deen Muhammad



n. blessings, benefactor, favorable condition

NIMAT is a natural born singer/songwriter whose inspirational lyrics and poetry have captivated audiences across the nation. Her rich vocal tones are often described as captivating and emotional, seducing listeners into wanting to become a better version of themselves.

“To be able to be honest about who we are as human beings and why we are here is the entire point”, explains NIMAT

when asked what matters the most in her writing.

Up and coming projects include several new acoustic singles including her newest song, "Stone Me",

a reflective piece on the side effects of social media and cancel culture.

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