"Under the clothing of religion, race, status and individualism we are one humanity, sharing the same
basic needs."   NIMAT


n. blessings, benefactor, favor

An incredible singer/songwriter whose distinct and genuine vocals, enchanting natural tones and clever use of metaphors seduce listeners into wanting to believe in something higher than themselves. Tackling sensitive stereotypes and often overlooked issues of today, her newest record, “Underneath”, is a heart felt out-cry against racism at a much-needed time. Her portfolio of music tells the story of an innocent soul fighting to recognize the ills of society in an attempt to hold on to its humanity.  “To be able to be honest about who and what we really are without the worry of being criticized is most important to me”, explains NIMAT when asked what matters the most in her writing.


Though NIMAT’s natural genre is a medley of soul, rock and folk, she has gained an extraordinary talent for writing a variety of types of music while working with various artist in the D.C. metropolitan area. She has dedicated her last two albums “Love Ayats” and “Love Over Liberty” to showcasing her talent and writing abilities in other genres such as Rhythm and Blues, Du-op, Go-Go, Disco, Hip Hop and Latin Rock.


NIMAT is currently preparing to release a series of powerful and inspirational singles in 2022 and is looking forward to a year of performances as well as sharing her insightful reflections and spoken word. As a special highlight for her fans, she also plans to simultaneously release remixes of fan favorites to include the stories and lessons learned that inspired them.

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