"Under the clothing of religion, race, status and individualism we are one humanity, sharing the same
basic needs."   NIMAT


n. blessings, benefactor, favor

Unique, soulful, and original, Nimat is an incredible songwriter whose powerful lyrics and rich vocals transcend the limitation of genre. Since the tender age of twelve Nimat has written hundreds of songs and has worked in various music studios as a writer for up and coming artists in the Maryland, D.C. metropolitan area.

Although influenced by musical pioneers such as Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Terrence Trent D'Arby, Lauryn Hill, and Tracey Chapman, Nimat attributes much of her musical expression to life experience and an unwavering drive to use her gift of songwriting as a contribution in the race toward all that is good as she would put it. Nimat's incredible talent has earned her performances with talented artist such as Anthony David, Kindred, Citizen Cope, and Michelle Ndegeocello.

“I have found my joy and passion in helping people to realize a better life

by putting the truth on the table in my writing, no matter how ugly " -  Nimat



Music, Poetry & Reflections