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Date Night

This poem was inspired by my recent series “The Dog In You”. An expression of the ever frustrating cycle of dating without commitment. Like, Share and Discuss.

Man can transport himself into the dog and experience what the dog experiences. And Just as the Creator did not elevate the dog beyond his capacity, he will not elevate man in this state. Society has taught us that it is ok to literally put skin in the game without a long term commitment when it comes to relationships, while every thing else in creation must carry the full load in order to obtain prosperity. When we are unable to differentiate the initiation process; good looks, nice body and fun to be around, from the greater reward; a quality mother or father to our children, financial stability and a partner for life, we are behaving as the dog. And when our relationships do not work out, we act weary and thirsty as if we’ve fulfilled a commitment and deserve a good outcome. As a society that can no longer differentiate between the small quick rewards of the single life and the abundance received as a result of marriage, we will repeat the same actions over and over, exhausting ourselves over quick fleeing satisfactions.

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