New YouTube Series 
"The Animal In You"

"Under the clothing of religion, race, status and individualism we are one humanity, sharing the same
basic needs."   NIMAT
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Dec 9th

Every member of creation is re-presented in man. Reflections, Poetry, Art


n. blessings, benefactor, favorable condition

NIMAT is a natural born artist with a passion for philosophy, sociology and scripture.

While attending the M.A.L.I. Institute in her quest to expand her artistic expression through the study of contextual word origins and the spiritual sciences, NIMAT has acquired an exceptional talent for deciphering metaphors and

pinning their relevance to human behavior and conditioning. Her reflections and poetry envelop the reader with enlightening and thought provoking inspiration while her rich and sultry singing voice captures the heart, seducing listeners into wanting to become a better version of themselves.

“To be able to be honest about what we are and why we are here is the entire point”, explains NIMAT

when asked what matters the most in her writing.

Up and coming projects include her new YouTube series “The Animal In You” including

a spinoff of educational children’s books and last but not least, her highly anticipated acoustic album in early 2023!

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Music, Poetry & Reflections