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Where is "Rajuli Qawwami" in the Qur'an?

In verse 4:34, it shouldn’t be a surprise when the Qur’an says that the men who are upright are the only type of men qualified to guard the welfare of women. That explains a lot! What is the upright man? The upright man cares about his morals, is God conscious, and understands his obligation toward family and community. This type of man will invest from his money, property and any resources he may have in order to establish moral community life. Let’s be honest, these type of men are hard to find but usually hold a seat of respect and leadership amongst their family and community. If a man has these type of qualities, men and woman alike will feel inclined to censor themselves and display whatever level of moral behavior they may have when around them. This is the kind of man that can help even the most established woman to get to the next level. His elevated moral status qualifies him and earns him the right to protect his establishment and to institute consequences, even if it is against his loved ones for the sake of maintaining what is upright.

Though now days many people will argue that no one has the right to judge, a person of this stature is not only qualified to make an attempt to correct you, but obligated through expectation and good conscious. If you are beyond being judged and corrected, you cannot be helped.

This is also the type of person that is often selected as a mediator, for leadership roles or when a situation requiring trust is as stake. Though the idea of what it is to be moral is now in question these days, most people will agree that A person who is not known to lie, steal, exploit themselves or cheat is the basic standard of a moral person. The next level of this is to go out amongst the people, including those that are not upright and stand up for what is right. The term Rajuli Qawwami comes from two root words. The first word, Rajuli, comes from the root word "Ra Jeem Lam" which means to go on foot. Within the Qur'an, this word is also one of a few words used to describe a type of man. The word Qawwami comes from the root word "Qaf Waw Meem" which means to stand up. This is the same root word used to describe the standing position in prayer, when rising up from a bent position to a straight one. This word is also used to describe the nature of a protector. These two words combined describe the idea of going out into the world and being straight up. This would include getting involved in the social life as an active advocate for what is correct and right. Unfortunately, most people have lost touch with what correct behavior is and what used to be a basic concept (right and wrong) is being questioned. Regardless of the social climate, A Rajuli Qawwami will speak the truth even if it goes against what is popular.

In this context, the idea that only the upright men are qualified to protect the welfare of women, comes from verse 4:34, using the term "Rijalu Qawwamuna". Unfortunately there are Muslims who who have interpreted this verse to include the idea that God has given men a status superior to women and therefore a woman must be submissive and can be physically admonished. This illusion comes from select English words that have been used to translate Arabic into English, that are insufficient. Due to cultural differences in Islam, as well as language barriers, it can be difficult to relay understanding appropriately, therefore as the Qur'an states, we must learn to read it in its Arabic text for ourselves in order to gain clarity. If we are unable to do this, we should simply apply the rule of thumb to avoid what causes injustice. The study of Qur’anic Arabic using its grammar and attention to context is essential in stopping these type of ideas from circulating. In other religions, this type of misogynistic and incorrect interpretation is also present, however is often avoided, which is preferred when understanding is not clear.


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